Liverpool signs Salah with £350milion

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Liverpool signs Salah with £350milion

Postby fifa17coins » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:09 am

The latest news from England and Italy shows that Liverpool has finally finalized Sarah's deal. fut coins "Daily Mirror" get the message, Liverpool has already believed that they signed Salah is only a matter of time, transfer fee of 35 million pounds. In addition, the Egyptian media revealed that Salah will go to the UK after 2 days.
Salah's trade can be described as twists and turns, the story ups and downs. Half a month ago, the British media had said Liverpool won the Salah, but the President of Rome immediately denied. For the Roman side of the denial, the British media disagree, they believe that the purpose of Rome only one: price increases. Because of the UEFA Financial Justice Act, Rome needs to sell some players before June 30 to balance the club's finances.
Liverpool coach Klopp is very popular with Salah, it is under the active promotion of the residue, Liverpool and Rome for several days of negotiations. Sarah scored 19 goals for Rome last season, but he did not want to stay in Serie A, he wanted to return to the Premiership. fifa ultimate team coins Salah had a short effect in Chelsea, the performance is not a color, then was leased to Florence and Rome, and in the summer last year, the official transfer to the red wolf.
Salah is known as the Egyptian Messi, at the foot of outstanding, he is eager to return to the Premiership to prove himself. Liverpool this time is determined to win, they eventually accepted the price of Rome, 3500 million pounds (40 million euros), which than the beginning of the £ 28 million (35 million euros) more than 700 million pounds.
Italian media said Salah's total deal could reach 45 million euros, including a fixed cost of 40 million euros, the remaining 5 million euros will be Liverpool according to the performance of Salah later to decide whether to pay.
Egypt's domestic media also confirmed that Salah is basically Liverpool, and the Egyptian star has bought a ticket to Liverpool, he will be accepted in 2 days after Liverpool's physical examination. In addition, the Roman side also locked Sarah's substitute, they are ready to sign Lyon's Rashid - Gazzar.
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