Useful Path of Exile Melee Builds Guide

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Useful Path of Exile Melee Builds Guide

Postby Jannick » Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:59 am

The golden age of PoE melee builds was marked by the arrival of the later expansion of the Exile Alliance, Legion. Most melee skills achieve large to moderate gains, which makes them absurdly well suited for anything you actually want to do in the plague. The switch to melee combat is excellent, as a beginner or expert will be able to build many robust melee versions of Blight. In this article we will show the main ways to create banished melee builds that currently stand out from the rest because they are the best and strongest in terms of typical survivability, damage and defense.

Predator Slayer Beginner-friendly version
Lacerate is currently in good condition as it can reach 1 million shaper DPS on budget devices and can be used horizontally as you can use a sword or axe, both of which are great. Overall, this is a very easy skill to use with fun techniques, and most beginners would choose this skill as the best introduction skill to Blight. As a beginner, this type of skill is very useful if you want to save a PoE currency for some of the larger versions. This version can be used for HC, SC and even SSF. If you choose this version, you will definitely have a good time as it limits the content.

Bleeding Gladiator Dual Striker Melee Attack
Bleeding Gladiator Double Striker can produce all of the game's content material with a minimal budget. It boasts great survivability - dodging, blocking and blinding, as well as high damage, making it a great boss killer and melee character for lab builders. This version is ideal for farming PoE currencies, allowing you to buy PoE currency faster. With intriguing mechanics, Bleed can make even huge backpacks explode in one breath, which looks great and has a clear speed due to the explosions. Since this is a very cost-effective build, you can use it as an entry build for new leagues. The most exciting aspect is that you can swap skills (two hits / progress / retirement) to create variety.

Heavy Strike Perma Stun Edition
Previously, the build path for Small Strike Stun was only available for Modulus, but now it's a really viable and powerful option for all content (bosses, exercises or maps). The goal of this build is to permanently lock an entire object and then strike it until it dies. The fact that the whole thing is permanently shaken means that you won't get hit as often and the chance of dying is low. Most importantly, the build is done with a 2.5m shaper DPS (don't ignore your permanent stun molding machine). The only targets you cannot stun in the game are those with stun immunity, such as Uber Elder, Vaal Temple or Pheonix. So this is just a disadvantage. If you are looking for something exciting and unique, this is the ideal PoE Blight melee build to help you!

Facebreakers Scion Ascendant Unarmed High Budget Version
This version focuses on using Facebreaker gloves and Rigwald's curse amulet to do a lot of unarmed basic damage. The construct deals significant damage and has over 5,000 health. The Loreweave Chest Armor can be used to further improve it offensively and defensively. One thing to note is that this build no longer works except for Facebreakers and Rigwalds Curse (which are certainly expensive for melee weapons). If you want to resolve this build in HC Blight, you will also need Loreweave To be sure, you will need to make at least some extra effort to make the build work. It works on soft cores, but more is needed on hard cores. If you want to build more of these versions, it is best to buy some raised orbs for sale.

Ice Avalanche Sword Saint High DPS Close Combat Tank
The Ice Crash has a large number of effects, which makes it a melee weapon in exile. The build is certainly clunky: 78% of all resistances, 6,000 exist and many ways to reduce physical damage. Most importantly, however, it also receives excessive DPS. In most cases, you are an excellent enemy, which makes it a very safe and budget-friendly entry model for PoE Blight. The build provides a particularly fast style of play for mapping, as you can quickly jump from one pack, Ice Crash, to the next pack and repeat.
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