Enrique-I may back to Barca one day

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Enrique-I may back to Barca one day

Postby fifa17coins » Sat May 27, 2017 5:05 am

Tomorrow morning's King's Cup final, will be Luis - Enrique coach Barcelona's last game. In the press conference before the press, Louis - Enrique said the future may return to Barcelona. At the same time Luis - Enrique pointed out that Messi is the world's best player, is the locker room leader, is also a model of his teammates.
Luis - Enrique first look to the final: "We have the opportunity to use the championship to end my career in Barcelona, although this is my farewell war, but I am more concerned about how the team played a good game all the way to the final is not easy We are going to be very serious about the psychological and physical condition, fifa ultimate team coins and we have to be prepared for anything. "
Can team leaders become a good coach? Luis - Enrique does not look like this: "Of course not, there are a lot of factors in any team are the same.Management of the team's ability is very important, it is like managing a class of students, not easy. Leaders must take many factors into account to understand the many uncertainties that may occur. "
Luis - Enrique then summed up his Barcelona career: "I will remember everything, I will not change myself. Barcelona's lineup is very strong, I have coached the strongest team.I did not consider myself left to Barcelona What, I am not interested in this, the coach's goal is to win,ar.fifacoin.com I have 100% continuation of the Barcelona tradition.We also took a lot of champions, I feel good to do their own, the score is your media thing. I have done a lot of mistakes, but I remember what I did, and I remember everyone 's love for me, and I forgot all the unpleasantness and accusations.
Luis - Enrique is not clear about his future: "I am not a planned person, so I do not know the future. I want to enjoy life, the next stop really do not know where.
Guardiola had a clear statement will not return to Barcelona, Louis - Enrique has said that does not rule out the return may be: "Maybe I came back on June 10! At that time I will be covered with veil, at the press conference scared You never said that never, Barcelona is my home, why I want to refuse to go home? The past three years, I really consume very large, look at the photos three years ago on the line. Who do not know what will happen in the future I will not refuse to return to Barcelona, but it will not come back in the past few years.
Luis - Suarez has thanked Luis - Enrique to let him no longer grudge with the referee,fut coins Lu Qiao responded to the Soviet god: "Thank you, I have always liked the player to my praise .I only praise him, regardless of character or game Some people do not recognize his play, after all, he is a striker, but he has made a lot of progress in emotional management, especially when he is confronted with his opponent, and of course he can grow further.
Luis - Enrique finally commented on Nemal and Messi: "Nei Maer made great progress in Barcelona, he matures more, continued the previous dribbling and the end of the ability, but also to enhance the understanding of the game , He understood the most important thing in the football game.Unfortunately, although he played very well, but we have no championship trophy this season.We win the team's credit, of course, this credit also has the world's best players It 's a pleasure to have Messi, he is the leader of the locker room and a model of his teammates.
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