Pest Control

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Pest Control

Postby Smarthuiyuan » Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:20 am

Pest Control. Benefits: Factors = XP. Slayer Master: Vannakka or Turael. Advantage: Good XP for slayer and combat. Disadvantage: Some tasks are stupid (20 cows???) Or hard (200 iron dragons???) . I'm simply not sure which one to visit... select one from the aforementioned or OSRS gold make your own proposal!

My objective is levelling around 53 so I could do quests with farm requirements. I'm level 31 farming and presently have a willow tree growing in Falador and also an Apple tree in Catherbery. Can I be replanting trees and fruit trees as soon as they are fully grown? Should I cut my willow for logs do ents along with the arms which break your axe come out? I multi-task while on Buy RS gold and break my axes so often I need to carry 3 rune axes in my inventory. I intend to put in a tree in Varrock plus a fruit tree in Gnome stronghold because they are simple for me to get into in my farm runs. I've complete plots in Port Phasmatys, Catherbery, East Ardougne, and Draynor. I have not started to perform bushes or jumps yet.
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