It's not like OSRS requires flick aiming to perform

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It's not like OSRS requires flick aiming to perform

Postby Molianalex » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:39 am

Runescape had the very best fantasy world ever. So much crazy shit going on and varied surroundings. No one would have a computer keyboard? Are keyboards a luxury thing in which you live? I think that the purpose is (using the standard console gaming setup ) that you would be on your sofa when playing games. In case the port of OSRS needs a keyboard, you'd then have to set your coffee table up with a keyboard and mouse (RIP lower rear ) or get a higher table just for RS gold gambling in your living space. I like consoles over PC since I can sit on my couch, chair or floor occasionally with just a controller. It simply would not be practical for a lot of individuals to use a keyboard on a console.

It's not like OSRS requires flick aiming to perform

On Playstation App that you can use your telephone as a secondary display for texting. So that's a possiblity. Wireless mice and keyboards exist. It's not like you need a gaming keyboard. Yes - conscious of that. The purpose is where could you set the keyboard and mouse, whilst still being comfortable. It'd ruin your spine leaning over a coffee table to perform . There is something called the"cube", I think it pretty much is a desk for your couch and it's good to use with laptops.

You can literally use anything as a mouse pad in your leg so you don't need to hunch over. A publication. A plate. A game case. Hell, I've used my leg itself as a mouse pad. It's really not too difficult. It is not like OSRS necessitates flick aiming to perform. It is literally point and click. Just play computer at that point seriously. Console is nice since it's easy and you can just lie on a couch. When keyboards become involved why even bother. Because not everybody has got your opinion and if I wish to play with it on console I will. Well think about all of the people that you encounter in online games that don't have a mic. Now think of all of the mute ass people you'll run into. It'll be annoying to not be able to communicate with them.

OSRS uses text conversation, not mics. If these folks don't have mics do you think they'll have a keyboard or even bother to link it. If they want to play OSRS, they sort of need to lol. OSRS can be played without socialising in any way. There's little in the sport that you rely on other players for (Shield of Arrav and Heroes pursuit apart ). I think that it could work. Movement with the controller and a wee cursor rotates the personality for you to click on shit. I don't see how it wouldn't work. Most content will be unplayable. Can not envision raids or even inferno working very nicely and switching equipment quickly and flicking prayers.

The challenge of OSRS content comes from handling equipment and switching it and prayers correctly. That's gonna be super hard to do using a a controller. Look up Torvesta on YouTube to see what high level match play is. I have wanted to play RuneScape for a little. This might get me into it. I don't really want to buy RuneScape gold start over. Never thought I would see it, ever. I'm glad they're over there thinking about it as well. Fingers crossed, folks.
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