Ever since the price increae of pure essance at the grand ex

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Ever since the price increae of pure essance at the grand ex

Postby Skyzhay » Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:50 am

Ever since the price increae of OSRS GP pure essance at the grand exchange (and when i became a member at the same time) I have been able to earn 300kplus per day in just 3-4 hours (pure ess is at 115ea +!!) I don't know much about the cosrt heaps at my level. However I do own a complete obsidian and full rune cape (red/black style). Granite maul. I'd like to get something cool and unique, but not only rune, or (t).

I'm pretty sure that's the end of it... Is there anything good in the armour/robes that i haven't found that are members? I am new to members and have no idea about the members' stuff. I apologize for my spelling errors.

I've used it once previously with other members to test how it works. I'd like to try it again! What lvls do I have to get before buying it? I'd like to be able do most things and list other skills that will help me. Below are F2P and P2P stats.

I want a basilisk stuff head for my home. I'm level 61 construction and the level 611 slayer. I'm wearing a ring of wealth. I've killed 386 basilisks so far, but never heads. This is my third time up there and I killed well over 100 on the previous sessions. My friend was able to get a head after just 20 kills, while another player up there reckons that he has about 12 kills currently.

I've compared notes with my buddy, and aside from the fact that she's at a higher combat level and we're not doing anything differently. I've been told by someone that it's random, however it can happen anywhere between 0 - 200 kills.

I've almost doubled it now, and if runescape 2007 gold we add the previous sessions, I've done anything from 3-4 times on basilisks. I've killed more than 200 crawling heads and raised 8 levels of fishing, all while waiting for a huge bass. I've still not had anything to use in my skill area. Am I just incredibly lucky or am I doing something wrong?
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